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MLP-Technologies, LLC is primarily focused on designing and implementing cutting-edge counter-threat solutions across land, sea, and air domains.

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Our Maritime Sensors Systems offer unparalleled capabilities in maritime surveillance and data collection, with a track record of over 2.3 million nautical miles traveled. From traversing doldrums and hurricanes/typhoons to navigating high latitudes, our systems excel in challenging environments. We specialize in expanding surveillance and data collection capabilities to support high-value missions, offering a submersible sensor platform tailored to mission parameters. Our modular autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) enables simultaneous deployment of multiple sensors and payloads, enhancing versatility and efficiency. With a range of submersible, semi, and water surface sensor systems, we ensure 24×7 long-duration operations backed by an open and extensible platform. Our systems are proven at sea, facilitating seamless integration with new sensors, software capabilities, and other systems, ensuring unmatched performance and reliability in maritime operations.

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