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MLP-Technologies, LLC is primarily focused on designing and implementing cutting-edge counter-threat solutions across land, sea, and air domains.

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Software & Hardware Solution


Unwanted drones flying both active and passive capabilities.

Identify the type of drone and determine whether it poses a threat or is friendly.

Identify the type of drone and determine whether it poses a threat or is friendly.

Hard and soft kill options available.

Our Counter Drone Solutions offer comprehensive software and hardware solutions tailored to address the evolving challenges posed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). With advanced detection capabilities, our system can identify unwanted drones through both active and passive means. We provide real-time identification of drone types, enabling quick determination of potential threats or friendly units. Through precise location tracking, our solution enhances situational awareness, allowing for effective response strategies. Moreover, we offer a range of mitigation options, including both hard and soft kill capabilities, ensuring swift and efficient neutralization of threats. Trust our Counter Drone Solutions to safeguard your airspace with unmatched reliability and precision.

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